Software Delivery Evolution

Accelerating the evolution of software delivery through innovative thinking and technical excellence.


Our clients and our team are the centre of our universe.

As 3WestStreet, we are ever-evolving and we constantly refine our services to support our clients thereby enabling them to succeed in competitive corporate environments.

We work closely with our clients in order to determine what is important for their specific business to succeed and we work with them to make that happen.

We deliver tangible business outcomes.

At 3WestStreet we guarantee that our clients will achieve outcome-driven software delivery solutions.

3WestStreet: People and Process supported through appropriate Technology.


3WestStreet helps clients to improve how they deliver software. Always outcome-focused, our team of technical and business experts work alongside clients to enhance their software delivery pipeline capability across multiple dimensions.

We take the utmost care to ensure any solutions we implement support both our client’s immediate and strategic goals.

3WestStreet use a unique system of optimisation and automation capabilities, frameworks and toolchains to ensure efficient and sustainable software delivery.

Client Testimonial

“As a fintech company in a fast moving market, Planet are continually transforming how we do things to meet market demands and to put the customer experience at the forefront of everything we do. Part of that transformation is evolving our software development practises and we were looking for expertise in efficient software deployment and testing practises.  In our search we looked at many service providers but what we found was much more…  3WestStreet are a trusted partner who understand business problems and look at innovative and creative technology solutions to solve them. They quickly became an integral part of the team and offered expertise in software devops and testing automation practises which aligned to the 2021 Planet strategic vision. Collaboration, communication, trust and openness are core value of 3WestStreet and the strategic value and expertise they offer from their embedded team goes far beyond a normal service provider relationship. They are a truly valued and trusted partner whom we will have a long relationship with…”

Stephen KennedySenior Development Manager

3WestStreet is the culmination of the experience our team has acquired in providing software delivery solutions and tangible business outcomes to a vast portfolio of global clients.

Founder & Director

Margaret Dineen always looks for a common ground between the personal and professional.

A firm believer in investing equally in the innovation and the individual, Margaret uses outcome-driven approaches to bring a highly-unique perspective to 3WestStreet.

Margaret’s diverse international career incorporates technical and strategic leadership positions in large corporates, the public sector and start-ups across industry verticals such as telecommunications, banking, security and retail throughout Europe and Australia.

Margaret founded Encompass Testing, a successful Australian-based software testing consultancy with clients such as Verizon, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, RSA Security and Red Hat.

An avid communicator, Margaret often speaks at industry conferences, while her writing has been published in Agile Connections (USA) and Testing Trapeze (NZ). At home, Margaret loves nothing more than spending quality time with her family and listening to music.

In addition to achieving enhanced business outcomes, clients will see their team’s capability evolve. 3WestStreet support our clients throughout their entire delivery journey.